Summer Savings Sessions

Help us fulfill our mission of “outdoors for all” by hosting a Camp Grier Summer Savings Session. These can be hosted by a church youth group or individual families. Everyone that attends can earn discounts toward camp registration costs ensuring that more kids end up outdoors this summer. 

Virtual Visit

Do you have friends that are too far away to invite over? Virtual Visits are a great way to share your love of Camp Grier with friends and family both near and far!

Sign Up with S’mores

Do you have an outdoor space big enough for a safe gathering? Do you want to keep it simple with a classic camp desert? Host a Sign Up with S’mores event. Dinner can be take-out pizza or any other simple meal. We can even bring the fire pit!

Tin Foil Talk

Bring camp to your backyard! Do you love tin foil dinners? Do you have a large fire pit or grill for cooking them? Do you have an outdoor space big enough for a safe gathering? Host a Tin Foil Talk to share your love of Camp Grier with friends and neighbors over a classic camp dinner. 

How it works…

  1. Contact Camp Grier to set up a day for a session to be hosted at your home or church.

  2. Invite your friends, neighbors, and co-workers; anyone you know who has children or grandchildren aged 7 – 17. Both the adults and children should attend. A group of about 10 children plus an adult for each child is ideal. 

  3. If you are hosting an in person event, plan to serve a simple meal including tin foil dinners or s'mores to bring out the camp theme of the evening. It's a small, safe, socially distanced party in the outdoors! If you have chosen the virtual event, plan to facilitate a Zoom call.

  4. Allow a Camp Grier staff member to attend and show a short presentation and answer any questions that might come up about our summer camp programming.

  5. Have casual conversations with your friends and neighbors about your experiences with camp and invite your guests to register for the upcoming summer sessions. 

  6. Every camper who attends will receive a $50 discount off a camp registration. For every camper that registers as a result of attending your gathering, you earn an additional $50 towards a camp registration, up to a total of $500 off of a 1-week camp session or $1,000 off of a 2-week camp session. Churches may use these earned credits to sponsor a camper in need or distribute the savings among members that are sending kids to camp.