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Camp Grier is located on 655 acres and is surrounded by the first tract of National Forest purchased by the federal government under the Weeks Act. An 8,100 acre tract encompassing the Curtis Creek watershed was purchased for $7 an acre from the Burke McDowell Lumber Company in 1911. Following in that great tradition of conservation Camp Grier protected a 200 acre tract of our property surrounding Jarrett Creek in 2018.  According to The Wilderness Society:


"The beauty of Jarrett Creek places it in the top 10 of all creeks on the Pisgah National Forest. In the remote and steeper northeastern part of this area, the creeks are much more difficult to reach, and course down over low falls and cascades. Many of the high coves have old-growth stands of timber, bypassed because of the steep topography."


We take seriously our responsibility to be good stewards of the natural resources that surround camp. During the winter of 2018 we will add an additional 10 acres of pasture land for our equestrian and agriculture program. We are also working to conserve an additional 40 acres surrounding the creeks and tributaries on our campus that feed into Jarrett Creek. 


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